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Rank Insignia of the German Bundeswehr


German Army

German Air Force

The German Air Force uses the same rank insignia like the German Army. The only difference is the Air Force double-wing on the Air Force rank insignia. The lowest rank of the Air Force is Flieger/Airman. The Army Aviators Heeresflieger also use this rank as OR-1 rank.

Mounting loops of the Air Force (left), Navy (middle) and Army (right)

(Image source: Bundeswehr/Leopold)

Mounting loop an Air Force Oberfeldwebel/Staff Sergeant

(Image source: Wikipedia)

German Navy

  • Seekadett - Officer Cadet

  • Fähnrich zur See - Midshipman

  • Oberfähnrich zur See - Midshipman / Ensign

  • Leutnant zur See - Ensign / Lieutenant Junior Grade / Sublieutenant

  • Oberleutnant zur See - Lieutenant Junior Grade / Sublieutenant

  • Kapitänleutnant - Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander

  • Stabskapitänleutnant – senior to Kapitänleutnant, same pay grade as Korvettenkapitän, for specialist officers only

  • Korvettenkapitän - Commander Juniorgrade (JG)

  • Fregattenkapitän - Commander Seniorgrade (SG)

  • Kapitän zur See - Captain

  • Flottillenadmiral - Rear Admiral lower half

  • Konteradmiral - Rear Admiral upper half / Counter Admiral

  • Vizeadmiral - Vice Admiral

  • Admiral

  • Matrose - Seaman Recruit

  • Gefreiter - Seaman Apprentice

  • Gefreiter-UA - Seaman Apprentice E2 - Petty Officer 2nd Class Candidate

  • Gefreiter-BA - Seaman Apprentice E2 - Petty Officer 1st Class Candidate

  • Gefreiter-OA - Seaman Apprentice E2 - Officer Candidate

  • Obergefreiter - Seaman

  • Hauptgefreiter - Seaman

  • Stabsgefreiter - Petty Officer 3rd Class

  • Oberstabsgefreiter - Petty Officer 3rd Class

  • Maat - Petty Officer 2nd Class

  • Maat-BA - Petty Officer 2nd Class - Probationary Petty Officer 1st Class

  • Obermaat - Petty Officer 2nd Class

  • Bootsmann - Petty Officer 1st Class

  • Oberbootsmann - Petty Officer 1st Class

  • Hauptbootsmann - Chief Petty Officer

  • Stabsbootsmann - Senior Chief Petty Officer

  • Oberstabsbootsmann - Master Chief Petty Officer, Command/Fleet/Force Master Chief Petty Officer

Basic form of mounting straps

Mounting straps or loops (de: Aufziehschlaufen) are in principle absolutely identical to the design of the shoulder straps, depicted above. From this point of few it might be sufficient to demonstrate exemplarily the different versions of design, instead to show a complete list. Official procured mounting straps are weaved. The field uniform type of mounting straps, used most, shows black or golden emblems on stone-grey/ olive-colour basic textile.

Source (images and text): Wikipedia


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