Reservistenkameradschaft Kassel


The German Armed Forces Reservists Association

The Reservistenkameradschaft Kassel (reservists-comradery Kassel, RK Kassel) is a local chapter of the German Armed Forces Reservists Association (VdRBw).


The VdRBw is the institution in charge of promoting and supporting voluntary engagement of reservists in close cooperation with the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr).

The VdRBw looks after Officers, NCOs and enlisted personnel after their active duty time as well as those, who never served in the Armed Forces, but are involved with or interested in the Bundeswehr.

The role of the VdRBw is to be a “bridge builder“ between the Armed Forces and the German society.

Therefore, the VdRBw receives support from the German MOD (ca. 13.8 mio. Euro).






more than 2.400

more than 2.400

< 115.000 Members (all ranks)

We are here:

the RK Kassel is a local chapter in the city of Kassel an belongs to the regional chapter "Kurhessen" (with Regional Branch Office in Kassel)

The presidium of the VdRBw after its election in November 2015. Background: Sascha Rahn, Dr. Stefan M. Knoll. Centre: Martin Hammer, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schraut, Fabian Forster, Christian J. Faul. Foreground: Lutz-Georg Berkling, President Oswin Veith, MdB, former President Roderich Kiesewetter, MdB (resigned),  Karl-Heinz Brunner MdB, Michael Nebel (picture: N. Klöpping)

Learn more about the Outline and Mission of the German Armed Forces Reservist Association (VdRBw).

German Bundeswehr Rank Insignia
German Bundeswehr Rank Insignia
German Bundeswehr Rank Insignia


every first Tuesday of the month



Johanna-Vogt-Straße 4

Kassel, DE-34131

Tel.: +49 (0) 172 577 533 1

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